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March 28, 2020GA 87

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 2244 A bill for an act relating to the Medicaid program, including long-term services and supports, integrated health homes, capitation and reimbursement rates, and oversight, and including effective date provisions.
HF 2362 A bill for an act providing for the inclusion of the state as a member of the United States climate alliance.

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 104 A resolution honoring and commemorating the city of Buxton.
HR 121 A resolution recognizing and congratulating Andie Dominick on winning the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in editorial writing.
HR 123 A resolution expressing support and extending appreciation to the Iowa Department of Justice and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller for their efforts to advocate for and protect the interests of Iowans in state-federal relations.