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July 12, 2020GA 83

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HR 6 A resolution urging implementation of disability-friendly principles for Iowa's health care coverage system.
HR 39 A resolution honoring those Iowans who volunteered their time and efforts providing aid and assistance during the June 2008 flood.
HR 45 A resolution honoring and commemorating the University of Northern Iowa Panther Men's Basketball Team and Head Coach Ben Jacobson.
HR 47 A resolution urging the spending of federal economic recovery funds on products that are made and services that are performed in the United States.
HF 125 A bill for an act relating to and making an appropriation to provide for an uncompensated care additional payment to hospitals eligible for Medicaid reimbursement rate rebasing.
HF 211 A bill for an act relating to the regulation of smoking in outdoor areas of bars and restaurants and in theaters.
HF 215 A bill for an act relating to reimbursement of nonparticipating providers for expansion population benefits provided to IowaCare program members, and creating a nonparticipating provider compensation fund.
HF 379 A bill for an act relating to campaign finance by requiring electronic filing of certain reports and by establishing a voter-owned Iowa clean elections Act, providing for funding of the Act, including an income tax checkoff, and providing an income tax exemption, penalties, and effective dates.
HF 410 A bill for an act establishing a searchable budget database website for the public to access the details of the expenditure of state tax revenues and tax expenditures and a searchable tax rate database for the public to access the details of each tax rate for all taxing districts in the state.
HF 429 A bill for an act providing for the availability of a mortgage help hotline contained in a mortgagor's right to cure.
HF 482 A bill for an act relating to health care coverage for registered nurse first assistant benefits or services.
HF 493 A bill for an act requiring a registered nurse to be present in operating rooms during certain surgical procedures.
HF 498 A bill for an act providing for year-round classes for kindergarten and grades one through five in school districts with three thousand or more students, and providing an applicability date.
HF 538 A bill for an act modifying wind energy production tax credit eligibility requirements, providing for a refund of sales and use taxes, and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions.
HF 669 A bill for an act relating to funding for the alternate energy revolving loan program and making an appropriation.
HF 2043 A bill for an act requiring the executive director of the ethics and campaign disclosure board to conduct a study relating to the feasibility of public financing of elections in Iowa.
HF 2091 A bill for an act relating to the operation of off-road vehicles on highways, providing a registration fee, and making a penalty applicable.
HF 2121 A bill for an act relating to modification of a spousal support order based on duration of the order.
HF 2130 A bill for an act relating to the grounds for termination of parental rights.
HF 2142 A bill for an act relating to park user permits and fees, providing penalties, making an appropriation, and including repeal and effective date provisions.
HF 2147 A bill for an act requiring airport notification and a determination regarding the existence of an airport hazard prior to the construction of a wind energy system within specified distances.
HF 2350 A bill for an act establishing the religious conscience protection Act.
HF 2363 A bill for an act authorizing counties to adopt county legislation relating to the siting of confinement feeding operations.
HF 2369 A bill for an act relating to shorthand reporters.
HF 2370 A bill for an act relating to enterprise zones by extending the application deadline for certification of enterprise zones and by updating certain fiscal year limitations. Effective 7-01-10.
HF 2430 A bill for an act allowing an individual income tax deduction for certain dentists who receive medical assistance program reimbursement that is less than their normal fee and including retroactive applicability provisions.