September 29, 202282GA
Bill History for House File 2026
Enhanced Bill History
By Mccarthy, Whitaker, Bukta, Whitead, Lykam, Cohoon, Taylor, D., Olson, D., Palmer, Zirkelbach, Taylor, Wise, Jacoby, Gayman, Bailey, Schueller, Wendt, Wenthe, Thomas, Kelley, Olson, T., Olson, R., Lensing, Winckler, Hunter, Quirk, Kressig, Kuhn, Oldson, Davitt, Shomshor, Gaskill, Heddens, Frevert, Swaim, Foege, Mascher, Bell, Reasoner, Reichert, Mertz and Murphy
A bill for an act relating to the employer-employee relationship by providing for the employment classification of individuals and proscribing the employment of unauthorized aliens, and providing penalties and an applicability date.
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January 16, 2008 Introduced, referred to Labor. H.J. 37.
January 17, 2008 Subcommittee, R. Olson, Horbach, and Palmer. H.J. 64.