Rules Research

To determine rules in effect on a specified date, enter the date and select an agency, enter a chapter number, and click Submit.

If a rule number is not displayed in the Rule column, the rule was rescinded or reserved for the context date selected.

The Effective Date column indicates the effective date of the last change to the rule, proximate to the context date selected.

U = Effective date pre-dates July 2008 and could not be definitively determined using this tool. Contact the Publications Editing Office (Administrative Code) at if you need specific information about this rule.

The Publication Date column contains a link to the PDF of the rule as it appeared when last amended. The Publication Date correlates to the Effective Date shown (and is typically 35 days prior to the effective date).

Results returned should be verified by cross-checking rule histories when known; consecutive publications of the same rule with different effective dates may necessitate further research.

This research tool is for informational and explanatory purposes. If official or certified results are required, please contact the Publications Editing Office (Admin Code).
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