Date & Time/Public Comments Legislators Bill Bill Title Committee
HSB 558 A bill for an act relating to the requirements for a sex offender to be granted a modification of sex offender registry requirements.(See HF 2161.) Public Safety (House)
HSB 574 A bill for an act relating to the beginning date of the school calendar for school districts and accredited nonpublic schools. Education (House)
Location: House Lounge 2
HF 2040 A bill for an act relating to immunization against COVID-19 requirements for enrollment in any licensed child care center, elementary or secondary school, or postsecondary school in Iowa.(See HF 2298.) Education (House)
HSB 611 A bill for an act relating to education, including the education of students who are not fully English proficient and the standards applicable to the hiring, developing, and evaluation of community college faculty.(See HF 2409.) Education (House)
Location: House Lounge
HF 2306 A bill for an act establishing the comprehensive transition and postsecondary program scholarship program.(See HF 2495.) Education (House)
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
  • HSB 672 A bill for an act relating to education, including establishing a student first scholarship program and a student first enrollment supplement fund, requiring the boards of directors of school districts to publish certain specified information, modifying provisions related to required social studies instruction, open enrollment, teacher librarian endorsements, competent private instruction, and special education, making appropriations, providing penalties, and including effective date, applicability, and retroactive applicability provisions. Education (House)