Bill Bill Title Committee Meetings
HF 2158 A bill for an act relating to rescue vehicles designated as authorized emergency vehicles, and making penalties applicable. (See HF 2302.) Transportation (House)
HF 2177 A bill for an act relating to the planning, development, and implementation of a centralized direct care workforce database. Human Resources (House)
HSB 559 A bill for an act relating to franchisor-franchisee relationships for the purposes of certain employment laws and including applicability provisions. (See HF 2337.) Commerce (House)
HSB 593 A bill for an act allowing certain final-stage motor vehicle manufacturers to be licensed as motor vehicle dealers. (See HF 2308.) Commerce (House)
HSB 594 A bill for an act limiting the liability of an alcoholic beverage licensee or permittee for certain alcohol-related injuries. (See HF 2391.) Commerce (House)
HSB 602 A bill for an act creating a future ready Iowa Act to strengthen workforce development by establishing a registered apprenticeship development program, a volunteer mentoring program, a summer youth intern program, summer postsecondary courses for high school students that are aligned with high-demand career pathways, an employer innovation fund, and future ready Iowa skilled workforce scholarship and grant programs and funds, and including effective date provisions. (See HF 2458.) Commerce (House)
HSB 631 A bill for an act relating to the provision and administration of mental health, disability, and homemaker-home health aide services by the department of human services. (See HF 2445.) Human Resources (House)