Meskwaki Tribal Court Study Committee - Documents

Date Type Department Document Video
05/23/2007 Committee Reports Final Report
09/29/2006 Committee Documents 1. Legal Terms and Doctrines - Rachele Hjelmaas, LSA Legal Services Division
09/29/2006 Committee Documents 2. Tribal Court Questions - Charles Gribble, attorney
09/29/2006 Committee Documents 3. Key Decisions of Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa Tribal Appellate Court - Theresa Essman-Mahoney, Clerk of Court, Meskwaki Tribal Co
09/29/2006 Committee Documents 4. Questions & Answers Regarding Full Faith & Credit - Larry C Lasley Sr., Ex. Dir., Sac-Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa
09/29/2006 Committee Documents 5. Authorization of Tribal & Pueblo Police Officers-New Mexico (NMSA 1978, 29-1-11) - Joseph Little, Acting Asso. Dir. BIA, Alburquerque, NM
09/29/2006 Committee Minutes Draft Minutes
09/29/2006 Committee Agendas Revised Tentative Agenda
09/25/2006 Committee Documents Background Information