Legislative Health Care Coverage Commission (J)


The Commission is required, by 2009 Iowa Acts, S.F. 389, §1, to develop an Iowa health care reform strategic plan, addressing various aspects listed in the legislation. The Commission is created under the authority of the Legislative Council, with administrative support to be provided by the Legislative Services Agency (LSA). The Legislative Council is required to appoint a chairperson and vice chairperson from the voting membership. An appropriation of $200,000 for costs associated with the Commission, including any per diem or other expenses associated with meetings, is made to LSA in 2009 Iowa Acts, H.F. 820, §65, as amended by S.F. 478, §160. The Commission is required to complete its deliberations by July 1, 2011, provide quarterly reports, and provide progress reports on January 1, 2010, and 2011.

Senate Members
House Members
Non-Voting Members
  • Charles J. Krogmeier, Ex Officio Member
  • Tom Newton, Ex Officio Member
  • Susan E. Voss, Ex Officio Member
Public Members
  • David Carlyle, Chair
  • Ted Williams, Vice Chair
  • Mike Abbott
  • Betty Ahrens
  • Jennifer Browne
  • Diane Crookham-Johnson
  • Joan Jaimes
  • Bruce Koeppl
  • Marcia Nichols
  • Tim Stiles
  • Joe Teeling
Committee Information