Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission (J)


42.6 Duties of commission.
The functions of the commission shall be as follows:
1. If, in preparation of plans as required by this chapter, the legislative services agency is confronted with the necessity to make any decision for which no clearly applicable guideline is provided by section 42.4, the legislative services agency may submit a written request for direction to the commission.
2. Prior to delivering any plan and the bill embodying that plan to the secretary of the senate and the chief clerk of the house of representatives in accordance with section 42.3, the legislative services agency shall provide to persons outside the legislative services agency staff only such information regarding the plan as may be required by policies agreed upon by the commission. This subsection does not apply to population data furnished to the legislative services agency by the United States bureau of the census.
3. Upon the delivery by the legislative services agency to the general assembly of a bill embodying an initial plan, as required by section 42.3, subsection 1, the commission shall:
a. As expeditiously as reasonably possible, schedule and conduct at least three public hearings, in different geographic regions of the state, on the plan embodied in the bill delivered by the legislative services agency to the general assembly.
b. Following the hearings, promptly prepare and submit to the secretary of the senate and the chief clerk of the house a report summarizing information and testimony received by the commission in the course of the hearings. The commission’s report shall include any comments and conclusions which its members deem appropriate on the information and testimony received at the hearings, or otherwise presented to the commission. The report shall be submitted no later than fourteen days after the date the bill embodying an initial plan of congressional and legislative redistricting is delivered to the general assembly.
[C81, §42.6]
2003 Acts, ch 35, §44, 49; 2007 Acts, ch 78, §8, 9

Senate Members
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House Members
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Public Members
  • Susan L. Lerdal, Chair
  • Chris Hagenow
  • Jazmin Newton
  • David Roederer
  • Ian Russell
Former Committee Members and Positions
  • Deidre DeJear  (02/08/2021 - 07/06/2021)
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