Mental Health and Disability Services Redesign Fiscal Viability Study Committee (J)


The Legislative Council continued this committee from the 2012 Interim with a new charge. In addition to monitoring implementation of the mental health and disability services redesign and receiving reports from stakeholder groups engaged in implementation of the redesign, the study committee shall propose a permanent approach for state, county, and regional financing of the redesign and identify potential cost savings and service improvements that may be realized by working with community-based corrections services and other programs and services that address common needs or populations (2013 Iowa Acts, SF 452, §184). The study committee shall also study the provisions for implementing mental health and disability service Medicaid offset amounts and repayments by counties relating to the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan. The study committee shall consider the potential effects of the repayment provisions on the ability of the mental health and disability service regions to adequately fund the initial core services and additional core services and to make recommendations to address funding insufficiencies (2013 Iowa Acts, SF 446, §181).

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