Mental Health and Disability Services Study Committee (J)


Review publicly supported mental health and disability services. The Study Committee shall closely engage with, monitor, and propose legislation concerning the recommendations and proposals developed by the workgroups implemented by the Department of Human Services (DHS) and other bodies addressed by 2011 Iowa Acts, SF 525. The legislators serving on the interim committee and other interested legislators are authorized to participate in the meetings of the workgroups and subcommittees addressed by the legislation. In addition to the workgroup recommendations, the Study Committee shall address property tax issues, devise a means of ensuring the state maintains its funding commitments for the redesigned services system, recommend revisions in the requirements for mental health professionals who are engaged in the involuntary commitment and examination processes under Code Chapter 229, recommend revisions to the Code Chapter 230A amendments contained in SF 525 as necessary to conform with the system redesign proposed by the Study Committee, develop proposed legislation for amending Code references to mental retardation to instead refer to intellectual disabilities, and consider issues posed by the July 1, 2013, repeals of county disability services administration and funding provisions in 2011 Iowa Acts, SF 209. In addressing the repeal provisions, the Study Committee shall consider all funding sources for replacing the county authority to levy for adult disability services.

Senate Members
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House Members
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Public Members
  • Jack Hatch, Co-Chair
  • Renee Schulte, Co-Chair
  • Joe Bolkcom
  • Joni Ernst
  • David E. Heaton
  • Lisa Heddens
  • David Johnson
  • Linda J. Miller
  • Amanda Ragan
  • Mark D. Smith
  • Pat Ward
  • Mary Lynn Wolfe
Committee Information