Environmental, Recreational, and Economic Development of Iowa's Rivers and Lakes Study Committee (J)


To improve Iowa's quality of life by identifying current and future needs for the environmental, recreational, and economic development of Iowa's rivers and lakes.

Senate Members
  • No member data available
House Members
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Public Members
  • David Osterberg, Co-Chair
  • Al Sturgeon, Co-Chair
  • Bradly C. Banks
  • Dennis Black
  • Rick Dickinson
  • Donald E. Gettings
  • Chuck R. Gipp
  • Michael E. Gronstal
  • Josephine K. Gruhn
  • Beverly A. Hannon
  • Jack W. Hester
  • Emil Joseph Husak
  • Scott L. Krebsbach
  • Paul D. Pate
  • Emil S. Pavich
  • Wilmer Rensink
Committee Information