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House Journal: Page 1570: Monday, April 17, 2000

House File 2331, an act relating to operating a motorboat or sailboat while
intoxicated and providing penalties.

House File 2394, an act to eliminate the regulation of frozen food locker plants by
the department of agriculture and land stewardship.

House File 2423, an act creating a brownfield redevelopment program and fund and
a brownfield redevelopment advisory council.

House File 2442, an act relating to international relations including the creation of
an international relations advisory council and the designation of legislative and
executive branch protocol officers.

House File 2542, an act relating to distributions made to and income from missing
property of certain persecuted victims of World War II and their heirs, including
effective and retroactive applicability dates.

Senate File 324, an act relating to certain franchise agreements and the rights and
responsibilities of the parties under such agreements.

Senate File 2158, an act relating to the limitation on deposits which may be held by
a depository institution or holding company and establishment of a procedure for
determining compliance with such limitation, providing for the Act's applicability, and
providing an effective date.

Senate File 2248, an act relating to the college student aid commission's
membership, duties, and authority, and related federal employment reports.

Senate File 2254, an act relating to child support, immunity from liability for
financial institutions relating to data matching and levies against accounts, including
medical support and payment of costs to financial institutions for data matching and
automation program development and providing for retroactive applicability.

Senate File 2307, an act relating to public and workplace safety and wage collection
laws administered by the labor commissioner, including changes in the regulation of
boilers in places of public assembly and of elevator installers, and of employers under
the wage payment collection law.

Senate File 2416, an act relating to energy conservation including making
appropriations of petroleum overcharge funds.

Also: That on April 17, 2000, he approved and transmitted to the
Secretary of State the following bills:

House File 2376, an act relating to veterans preference in public employment.

House File 2393, an act relating to the certification of persons as confinement site
manure applicators, providing for fees, and making penalties applicable.

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