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House Journal: Page 1674: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

I was necessarily absent from the House chamber on April 15,
1998. Had I been present, I would have voted "aye" on Senate
File 2295.
HEATON of Henry
A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on April 15, 1998, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
House File 382, an act relating to certain relationships
including certain marriages.
House File 2162, an act relating to nonsubstantive Code
corrections and including a retroactive applicability provision.
Senate File 2201, an act relating to security for damages
arising from the abandonment of natural gas pipelines.
Senate File 2335, an act relating to the prohibition of sex acts
between juveniles and employees and agents at juvenile placement
facilities and between prisoners incarcerated in a county jail
and employees or agents of a county and providing a penalty.
Senate File 2337, an act to allow distribution of the
presentence investigation report under certain circumstances.
Senate File 2348, an act relating to the locations at which
shared public school services may be made available to nonpublic
school students.
Senate File 2351, an act relating to the time for review of the
reorganization of a public utility by the utilities board and
providing an effective date.
Senate File 2399, an act providing for the merger of a limited
partnership with other business entities.
The Speaker announced that the following visitors were present
in the House chamber:
Sixty-nine 3rd grade students from Anderson Elementary,
Bondurant, accompanied by Georganne Lee.  By Huser of Polk.
Forty-nine 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from St. Thomas
Aquinas School, Webster City, accompanied by Duane Sipker.  By
Teig of Hamilton.
The following communication was received and filed in the office
of the Chief Clerk:

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