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House Journal: Page 872: Wednesday, March 20, 1996

Page 2  

 1   to support the assistance program or may be credited
 2   to the value-added agricultural products and processes
 3   financial assistance fund created in section 15E.112
 4   and shall not revert notwithstanding section 8.33.
 5     4.  The department shall submit a report in
 6   accordance with section 7A.11 not later than November
 7   1 of each year detailing the activities of the
 8   microenterprise organization and describing the
 9   success of the project."
10     3.  By renumbering as necessary.
Amendment H-5448 lost.
Wise of Lee asked and received unanimous consent to withdraw
amendment H-5453, to the committee amendment H-5419, filed by
Wise, et. al., on March 19, 1996.
Wise of Lee offered the following amendment H-5457, to the
committee amendment H-5419 filed by Wise, et. al., and moved its


 1     Amend the amendment, H-5419, to Senate File 2443,
 2   as amended, passed, and reprinted by the Senate, as
 3   follows:
 4     1.  Page 2, by striking lines 42 through 44 and
 5   inserting the following:
 6     "For deposit in the strategic investment fund for
 7   the purposes of the fund including providing funds for
 8   use in making awards from the community economic
 9   betterment account which, if under $500,000, must be
10   to businesses able to pay 100 percent of the average
11   county wage within two years of project initiation,
12   and which, if $500,000 or over, must be to businesses
13   able to pay at least 130 percent of the average county
14   wage, for providing that the wage cap in high wage
15   counties tied to an appropriate inflator for
16   determining eligibility for awards, and for reporting
17   on the progress made by the department in making the
18   community economic betterment program a self-
19   sustaining, revolving loan program, and for salaries,
20   support, and not more than the following full-time
21   equivalent positions:"
22     2.  Page 12, by inserting after line 45 the
23   following:
24     "Sec. ___.  NEW SECTION.  15.113  ECONOMIC
26     In order for the general assembly to have accurate
27   and complete information regarding expenditures for
28   economic development and job training incentives and
29   to respond to the job training needs of Iowa workers,

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