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House Journal: Page 435: Thursday, February 22, 1996

H.S.B. 712 Transportation 
Relating to transportation by granting the state department of
transportation condemnation rights for utility facility
replacement, requiring sixty day property payments, requiring
certain criteria be adopted by administrative rule, modifying
certain damage disclosure statement requirements, providing for
entry onto private property for sounding and drilling, relating
to the disposal of abandoned vehicles, and providing for release
of retained funds for public improvements.
H.S.B. 713 Judiciary 
Relating to the representation of indigents and other court
appointments in criminal and juvenile proceedings and providing
effective and retroactive applicability dates.
H.S.B. 714 Judiciary
Providing for access by the division of criminal and juvenile
justice planning of the department of human rights to
confidential records held by other state agencies.
H.S.B. 715 Judiciary 
Relating to judicial administration, including the definition of
a judicial officer, the administrative authority of certain
judges within a district, and the retirement age of associate
juvenile judges and associate probate judges.
H.S.B. 716 Judiciary 
Establishing a mechanic's lien for a lessor of material used in
the course of alteration, construction, or repair of a building,
improvement, or land.
H.S.B. 717 Judiciary 
Relating to the establishment of a procedure for the release of
medical records and information regarding plaintiffs involved in
certain civil actions.
H.S.B. 718 Transportation 
Relating to a restriction for special minors' licenses for
persons age fourteen and fifteen and making a penalty applicable.
MR. SPEAKER: The Chief Clerk of the House respectfully reports
that the following committee recommendations have been received
and are on file in the office of the Chief Clerk.
Chief Clerk of the House

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