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Compiled Historical Information
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Assemblies Served:
House: 67 (1977)
68 (1979)
69 (1981)
70 (1983)
71 (1985)
72 (1987)
73 (1989)
74 (1991) - 75 (1993)
Home County: Scott
Speaker Video:
Robert C. Arnould
Scott County
Birth: September 23, 1953, Davenport. Parents: Robert and Gertrude Arnould. Education: Graduated from Central High School, 1972; attended Iowa State University and St. Ambrose College. Spouse: Betsy Brandsgard, 1983. Activities: Scott County Democratic Party chair, 1976-1978. Member of the Catholic Church. Council on Children at Risk Board. Quad Cities Big Brother/Big Sister. Iowa Citizen Bee. Assistant majority leader, 70th and 71st General Assemblies. Majority leader, 72nd and 73rd General Assemblies. Speaker of Iowa House, 74th General Assembly. Term: Eighth.