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Compiled Historical Information
Date of Death: 4/3/1990
Birth Place: Hastings, Iowa
Birth County: Mills
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Assemblies Served:
House: 43 (1929) - 44 (1931)
Home County: Mills
Otha D. Wearin
Mills County
Representative from Mills county, was born on a farm near Hastings, Iowa, January 10, 1903. He attended country school, graduated from Tabor College Academy in 1920 and received B.A. degree from Grinnell College 1924. Prior to and since that date he has been associated with his father in the operation of Wearin Farms, upon one of which he has always resided. Elected treasurer of rural school district. He has served as vice-president, secretary and president of Mills county farm bureau. Delegate to Iowa state democratic conventions 1924, 1926, 1928, and 1930; assistant secretary of Iowa democratic convention, 1928; temporary chairman, keynoter and permanent chairman of Iowa state democratic judicial convention, 1930. He was elected to Iowa state legislature 1928, re-elected 1930; appointed by Governor Hammill as a delegate to International Mid-west Aeronautic's convention in Minneapolis, 1930. He traveled abroad in 1927, studying farm production and doing research work in International Institute of Agriculture at Rome. Traveled in old Mexico in 1930. Married Lola I. Brazelton, of Hastings, Iowa, 1931. Editor of weekly syndicate, "An Iowa Farmer In Foreign Fields", 1927; Co-editor of weekly syndicate, "New Roads in Old Mexico", 1930; staff contributor to Wallace's Farmer. Author "An Iowa Farmer Abroad", 1928; "The Story of Two Men", 1931; "Old World Gardens", 1931. Member of Iowa State Historical Society, Valley Forge Historical Society, American Peace Foundation, Iowa farm bureau. A democrat in politics.