Convention Member Rufus L. B. Clarke

Convention Member
Born in the State of Connecticut, in the year 1823. By his own efforts he obtained a liberal education, studied medicine, moved to the State of Wisconsin where he was practicing his profession when the war of the rebellion broke out. He served as surgeon of the 41st regiment of Wisconsin volunteers. He came to Iowa in 1866, stopping a while in Floyd County, and soon afterward settled at Janesville, Bremer County. His talents and character were such that he soon commended himself to his fellow-citizens, and at the election in the fall of 1869 he was chosen to represent the district composed of Bremer, Butler and Grundy counties in the Thirteenth General Assembly. When the session opened he was too ill to come to the capital. Letters received from him said that he hoped to be in his seat after the recess. But he never came, his death occurring about the middle of February, while the General Assembly was in session. Those who knew him personally spoke in high terms of his character, patriotism and ability.