Convention Member Erastus Hoskins

Convention Member
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Born September 5, 1793, in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Mr. Hoskins removed from Connecticut to Ohio in 1818. The town of Hoskinsville, Ohio, was named after Mr. Hoskins who was the first postmaster. Mr. Hoskins was a farmer. He was an influential citizen and in the early years was colonel of a regiment of the Morgan militia in 1825. He represented Noble County, Ohio, in the legislature two terms 1831-2 and 1832-3. Mr. Erastus was married to Lydia Wooden. He removed to Iowa and was a resident of Van Buren County. He was a delegate to the 1846 Iowa constitutional convention. In 1861, he served as a judge for the Van Buren County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Hoskins died April 29, 1868.