Senate Resolutions

Resolutions of the Legislature per General Assembly.
Bill Bill Title
SR 1A resolution relating to the Senate Code of Ethics governing the conduct of members of the Senate in relation to their senatorial duties during the Ninetieth General Assembly.(Formerly SSB 1075.)
SR 2A resolution honoring and congratulating Joan Arnett for her dedicated service to the Iowa General Assembly and the State of Iowa.
SR 3A resolution designating February 28, 2023, as Community College Day.
SR 4A resolution designating the month of March as Disabilities Awareness Month in Iowa.
SR 5A resolution calling on the federal government to investigate the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including whether it was in any way related to taxpayer-funded gain-of-function animal experiments being performed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
SR 6A resolution honoring and congratulating John D. Lawrence for his dedicated service to Iowa State University of Science and Technology, the State of Iowa, and all Iowans.
SR 7A resolution condemning the federal vaccination mandate for members of the military and urging state and federal authorities to take remedial actions for negatively impacted service members.
SR 8A resolution urging the federal government to investigate and arrest officials in charge of the District of Columbia Jail
SR 9A resolution urging the United States environmental protection agency and the United States army corps of engineers to withdraw vague regulations that threaten to impose complicated and overreaching restrictions upon Iowa farmers.