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May 28, 2023GA 90

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 345 A bill for an act relating to the regulation of certain tobacco products, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly SSB 1128.)
SF 513 A bill for an act relating to motor vehicle enforcement duties of the department of public safety and the department of transportation, providing transfers of moneys, and including effective date provisions. (Formerly SSB 1175.) Effective date: 05/16/2023, 07/01/2023.

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 136 A bill for an act relating to matters under the purview of the banking division of the department of commerce, including permissible investments, notice requirements, and requirements for a person obtaining control of a state bank. (Formerly HSB 30.) Effective date: 07/01/2023.
HF 550 A bill for an act relating to medical personnel authorized to withdraw a specimen of blood from a person suspected of operating while intoxicated.(Formerly HSB 149.)
HF 595 A bill for an act relating to controlled substances including the manufacture, delivery, or possession of a controlled substance including fentanyl; the manufacture of a controlled substance in the presence of a minor; conspiracy to manufacture for delivery or delivery or intent or conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance to a minor; receipt, provision, and administration of opioid antagonists, including by secondary distributors; providing for immunity; and providing penalties. (Formerly HSB 104.) Effective date: 07/01/2023.
HF 601 A bill for an act relating to rate increase notice requirements for public utilities. (Formerly HSB 189.) Effective date: 07/01/2023.
HF 629 A bill for an act relating to the use of automated traffic enforcement systems on the primary road system.(Formerly HSB 161.)
HF 664 A bill for an act exempting certain leases or rentals between affiliates from the sales and use tax and from the fee for new vehicle registration, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.(Formerly HSB 68.)
HF 669 A bill for an act relating to property law, including manufactured or mobile home retailer licenses, rent, rental agreements, notice requirements, and possession of property.(Formerly HSB 125.)