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May 08, 2021GA 89

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 354 A bill for an act relating to continuing education requirements for persons holding certain professional and occupational licenses. (Formerly SF 163.)
SF 463 A bill for an act establishing the occupational therapy licensure compact.(Formerly SSB 1185.)
SF 468 A bill for an act removing a preference for purchasing of Iowa coal by state and local government entities.(Formerly SSB 1201.)

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 359 A bill for an act authorizing savings promotion drawings under specified conditions, and making penalties applicable.(Formerly HSB 57.)
HF 383 A bill for an act relating to informed consent for medication abortions, and providing penalties.(Formerly HF 53.)
HF 384 A bill for an act relating to alcohol beverage control concerning certain class ā€œCā€ liquor control licenses and the delivery of certain alcoholic beverages. (Formerly HSB 90.)
HF 526 A bill for an act relating to price transparency and cost-sharing for prescription drugs, and including applicability provisions.(Formerly HSB 46.)
HF 783 A bill for an act relating to the elimination of surgical smoke by hospitals, critical access hospitals, and outpatient surgical centers.(Formerly HSB 59.)
HF 814 A bill for an act relating to the redemption of beverage containers, providing civil penalties, and including effective date provisions.(Formerly HSB 252; See HF 872, HF 892.)