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May 30, 2023GA 88

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 165 A bill for an act relating to carrying and possessing weapons and acquiring pistols and revolvers, providing penalties, and including applicability provisions.
SF 212 A bill for an act creating the criminal offense of female genital mutilation and providing penalties. (See SF 346.)
SF 240 A bill for an act relating to the standard of judicial review and providing a claim or defense when a state action burdens a person’s exercise of religion, and including effective date provisions. (See SF 508.)
SF 243 A bill for an act relating to the employment of unauthorized aliens and providing penalties. (See SF 516.)
SF 259 A bill for an act relating to the definition of person from the moment of conception until natural death under the criminal code.
SF 279 A bill for an act relating to hemp, including the regulation of hemp, providing for enforcement and the confiscation and destruction or disposal of certain property, providing for fees, making appropriations, including penalties, and providing implementation and effective date provisions. (See SF 599.)
SF 296 A bill for an act creating a capital murder offense by establishing the penalty of death for murder in the first degree offenses involving kidnapping and sexual abuse offenses against the same victim who is a minor, and including effective date and applicability provisions. (See SF 588.)
SF 326 A bill for an act prohibiting the expenditure of certain public moneys for dues or membership fees to certain high school athletic organizations.
SF 2140 A bill for an act relating to replacement of the term visitation with the term parenting time relative to time awarded to a parent.

Senate Joint Resolution (SJR)

Bill Bill Title
SJR 9 A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa that the Constitution of the State of Iowa does not secure or protect a right to or require the funding of abortion. (See SJR 21, SJR 2001.)

Senate Resolution (SR)

Bill Bill Title
SR 8 A resolution urging the United States Congress to reject the proposed Green New Deal.
SR 21 A resolution recognizing the impact of the Iowa Tuition Grant program on Iowa’s citizens, towns, and cities, and honoring the efforts of Governor Robert D. Ray and the legislative leaders of the 63rd Iowa General Assembly on the 50th anniversary of the program.
SR 103 A resolution celebrating July 2, 2019, as the 100th anniversary of the State of Iowa ratifying the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
SR 109 A resolution recognizing Carson King as an outstanding citizen of the State of Iowa for his support of the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.