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May 18, 2024GA 87

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 1 A bill for an act establishing an organized system of reviews and ongoing repeal dates for programs and projects administered by executive branch departments.
HF 2033 A bill for an act providing for the designation of voluntary income tax contributions on the Iowa individual income tax return and including retroactive applicability provisions.
HF 2052 A bill for an act relating to eligible providers under the state family planning services program.
HF 2274 A bill for an act relating to employing units acquired through judicial repossession, foreclosure action, or bankruptcy for purposes of the unemployment insurance program.

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 104 A resolution honoring and commemorating the city of Buxton.
HR 124 A resolution recognizing Iowa’s commitment to affirming Iowa’s rural heritage and fair agricultural trade, fair and nonpartisan redistricting, and retirement security for public employees.