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August 15, 2020GA 87

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 1 A bill for an act establishing an organized system of reviews and ongoing repeal dates for programs and projects administered by executive branch departments.
HF 56 A bill for an act lowering the age at which a person may register to vote and including effective date provisions.
HF 132 A bill for an act exempting from the sales tax certain items and services sold to a nonprofit human blood collection and processing establishment, including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.
HF 158 A bill for an act relating to the operations and governance of certain common interest communities.
HF 182 A bill for an act authorizing the adjutant general of Iowa to waive certain requirements and limitations of the national guard educational assistance program under certain conditions. (See HF 535.)
HF 263 A bill for an act relating to the criminal offenses of domestic abuse and unauthorized placement of a global positioning device, and providing penalties. Effective 7-1-17.
HF 288 A bill for an act relating to water service taxation by exempting from the state sales tax the sales price from the sale or furnishing of a water service by a water utility and creating related state and local water service excise taxes and providing for transfer and distribution of the water service excise taxes.
HF 339 A bill for an act relating to the criminal offense of unauthorized computer access, and providing penalties.
HF 358 A bill for an act relating to the offense of attempt to commit murder against a peace officer, and providing penalties.
HF 366 A bill for an act providing for state employee cyber security briefings for certain travel outside the country.
HF 376 A bill for an act requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees based on pregnancy or childbirth and making penalties applicable.
HF 377 A bill for an act relating to criminal sentencing by modifying criminal penalties for cocaine base, making inapplicable certain provisions relating to mandatory sentences, mandatory minimum sentences, limitations on parole and work release, and limitations on earned time. (See HF 579.)
HF 413 A bill for an act relating to the issuance of a no-contact order by allowing for the supervision of a defendant by an electronic tracking and monitoring system.
HF 428 A bill for an act relating to reporting accidents resulting in injury or death, and providing penalties. (See HF 2400.)
HF 430 A bill for an act providing for the nonpartisan election and nomination by county primary election of county officers.
HF 2051 A bill for an act relating to the posting by schools of the department of human services’ child abuse hotline telephone number.
HF 2176 A bill for an act requiring school employee training and protocols relating to suicide prevention and trauma-informed care. (See HF 2350.)
HF 2261 A bill for an act expanding the statewide preschool program to include five-year-old children and including applicability provisions.

House Joint Resolution (HJR)

Bill Bill Title
HJR 11 A joint resolution calling for an Article V convention in order to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints, and limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and requesting Congress to similarly propose such amendments. (See HJR 12.)

House Resolution (HR)

Bill Bill Title
HR 109 A resolution to recognize and honor Officers Susan Farrell and Carlos Puente-Morales posthumously for their service to this state.
HR 112 A resolution celebrating and recognizing the many accomplishments of Dr. Peggy Whitson. Adopted by House.
HR 114 A resolution honoring Robert Anderson, Executive Chef and Program Chair of the Iowa Culinary Institute at Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), for his 43 years of world-renowned leadership at the Iowa Culinary Institute.
HR 118 A resolution designating the week of September 24 through 29, 2018, as the sesquicentennial celebration of the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision in Clark v. Board of Directors .
HR 124 A resolution recognizing Iowa’s commitment to affirming Iowa’s rural heritage and fair agricultural trade, fair and nonpartisan redistricting, and retirement security for public employees.