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January 28, 2022GA 82

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SJR 4 A joint resolution authorizing the temporary use and consumption of wine in the State Capitol, and the temporary display of ceremonial banners, in conjunction with the awards ceremony of the World Food Prize Foundation. Effective 7-1-07.
SR 7 A resolution to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the World Food Prize.
SR 10 a resolution honoring Senator Wally Horn as he begins his thirty-fifth year of service as a member of the Iowa General Assembly representing the Cedar Rapids area.
SR 11 A resolution designating February 6, 2007, as Iowa Insurance Day.
SR 16 A resolution designating May 1 as Iowa Right to Work Day.
SR 19 A resolution to honor the work of United States Attorney Matthew Whitaker and State Auditor David Vaudt.
SR 24 A resolution honoring Iowan Eugene Ely, a pioneer in Naval aviation.
SR 28 A resolution ot thank the men and women who worked so long and so hard to restore electricity to Iowans throughout the state.
SF 28 A bill for an act concerning specifications for agreements entered into for joint exercise of governmental powers and including an effective date and applicability date provision.
SR 44 A resolution to honor professional golfer and Iowa's own Zach Johnson on winning the 2007 Masters golf tournament.
SR 53 A resolution to recognize and honor Alyce Elmitt, Audrey Gibson, and Jo Ann West for over three decades of dedicated service to the Iowa Senate, the General Assembly, and the people of Iowa.
SR 54 A resolution to recognize and honor the Senate's own Cynthia Clingan for over three decades of dedicated public service.
SF 84 A bill for an act requiring voters to provide certain identification when voting in person at the polling place.
SF 88 A bill for an act relating to the return of refund values to consumers for empty beverage containers.
SF 91 A bill for an act relating to the use of a motor vehicle registered as an antique vehicle.
SF 111 A bill for an act providing for online prescription drug retail price comparison.
SR 117 A resolution celebrating the 100th birthday of the United States Army Reserve, honoring the commitment, dedication, and service to America, and wishing for its continued support to our soldiers.
SR 118 A resolution honoring the remarkable achievements of Iowa's own Shawn Johnson.
SR 123 A resolution to honor Iowa's Olympic athletes.
SR 125 A resolution honoring Iowa's Olympic athletes.
SF 135 A bill for an act regulating dangerous wild animals, including their ownership and possession, requiring registration, providing for fees and appropriations, and providing penalties. (See SF 511 & SF 564.)
SR 143 A resolution recognizing and honoring Iowa's Olympic athletes.
SR 153 A resolution honoring Kirkwood Community College's women's basketball team for winning the National Junior College Athletic Association Division II National Tournament.
SF 179 A bill for an act providing a small business health care tax credit, and providing for a retroactive applicability date.
SF 180 A bill for an act relating to the criminal penalties for certain offenses involving sexual abuse in the second degree, lascivious acts with a child, and sexual exploitation, and establishing a duty to inform law enforcement about a registered sex offender. (See SF 524.)
SF 181 A bill for an act relating to the repeal of the state inheritance tax and state qualified use inheritance tax.
SF 218 A bill for an act concerning the licensure, operation, and taxation of card game tournaments by organizations representing veterans and allowable prizes at annual game nights. (See SF 414.)
SF 315 A bill for an act relating to joint physical care of children in dissolution cases and establishing a rebuttable presumption that a request for joint physical care is in the best interest of the child. (See SF 507.)
SF 316 A bill for an act creating an Alzheimer's disease task force. (See SF 489.)
SF 326 A bill for an act relating to human papillomavirus infection by providing appropriations for a public awareness program and for vaccinations of low-income persons who are uninsured.
SF 342 A bill for an act relating to children who are subject to a court order for a temporary or permanent out-of-home placement by providing for visitation or ongoing interaction between the children and siblings. (See SF 480.)
SF 355 A bill for an act relating to wind energy by establishing a community-based wind energy program and a community-based energy project study.
SF 2062 A bill for an act concerning persons voluntarily excluded from gambling facilities. (See SF 2368.)
SF 2258 A bill for an act relating to the mistreatment of animals not classified as livestock and providing penalties.