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June 05, 2020GA 80

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 14 A bill for an act relating to the installation of certain aboveground petroleum storage tanks. (See SF 203.)
SF 324 A bill for an act establishing a veterans trust fund under the control of the commission of veterans affairs and increasing the admission fee for racing and gaming establishments for purposes of the veterans trust fund. (See SF 2110.)
SF 2169 A bill for an act relating to certain protections for members and families of members of the Iowa national guard or United States reserve forces during military service. (See SF 2239.)

Senate Study Bill (SSB)

Bill Bill Title
SSB 1010 A study bill for an act relating to real estate appraiser certification. 1-22-03, Subcommittee: Sievers, Behn, and Beall. (SF 119.)
SSB 1089 A study bill for an act relating to state financial obligations by making supplemental appropriations for property tax replacement claims and elderly and disabled tax credit reimbursement, providing for the application of debt service proceeds from tobacco settlement authority bonds, providing for related matters, and including an effective date. 2-19-03, Subcommittee: Sievers, Lamberti, and Dotzler. (SF 202.)
SSB 1116 A study bill for an act relating to the authority of a city to contract with or acquire equity interests in business entities for the purpose of participating in electric energy transmission organizations or implementing open-access tariffs for the use of transmission or distribution facilities. 2-26-03, Subcommittee: Sievers, Angelo, and Bolkcom. (SF 405.)
SSB 1117 A study bill for an act relating to tobacco retailers and providing penalties and providing an effective date. 2-26-03, Subcommittee: Sievers, Shull, and Kibbie. (SF 401.)
SSB 3069 A study bill for an act relating to fees charged for delayed redemption of electronic gift cards. (2-10-04 Subcommittee: Lundby, Redfern, and Stewart.) SF 2231.
SSB 3081 A study bill for an act conferring additional enforcement authority on the real estate commission, and providing penalties. (2-16-04 Subcommittee: Sievers, Kettering, and Beall.) SF 2189.
SSB 3097 A study bill for an act relating to the deposit and use of electronic transaction fees and providing an immediate effective date. (2-18-04 Subcommittee: Sievers, Connolly, and Shull.) SF 2238, See SF 2285.
SSB 3137 A study bill for an act allowing individual income tax credits for contributions made to certain school tuition organizations and including an applicability date provision. (3-1-04 Subcommittee: Sievers, McKibben, and Seng.) SF 2295.
SSB 3168 A study bill for an act relating to property taxation by establishing a maximum property tax dollars limitation for counties and cities, repealing the square footage tax, and creating a state tax implementation committee to study local and state sources of revenue, and including effective and applicability date provisions. (3-17-04 Subcommittee: Sievers, Hosch, and Stewart.) SF 2297.

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 304 A bill for an act relating to the payment by a county of the agricultural land tax credit and reimbursement to the county of its payment and providing an effective date. Effective 5-15-03.
HF 391 A bill for an act establishing a pilot program for the development of cogeneration facilities, providing for the development of ratemaking principles and rates for pilot program facilities, and providing for a future repeal. Effective 7-01-03.
HF 686 A bill for an act relating to urban renewal and tax increment financing and including effective and retroactive applicability date provisions. (Formerly HSB 313)
HF 2039 A bill for an act relating to state budget provisions involving the ending balance in the general fund of the state and the state general fund expenditure limitation by transferring funds from the cash reserve fund and by revising the percentage amount used for the limitation, providing for a standing limited appropriation to the senior living trust fund, and including effective date and applicability provisions.
HF 2243 A bill for an act regarding user responsibility and liability with respect to liquefied petroleum gas systems. Effective 7-01-04.
HF 2319 A bill for an act relating to the operation, reporting, and dissolution of committees, reporting requirements for special and other elections, the placement of attribution statements in political materials, and the size and placement of political signs. Effective 7-01-04.
HF 2452 A bill for an act providing for licensure requirements relating to the practice of athletic training and increasing a penalty. Effective 7-01-04.