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August 09, 2020GA 80

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SCR 1 A concurrent resolution relating to the federal Medicare program and requesting assistance from the federal government.
SCR 11 A concurrent resolution urging the United States Congress to act to remove trade, financial, and travel restrictions relating to Cuba.
SR 14 A resolution honoring Iowa State University student-athlete Jack Trice during Black History Month.
SCR 14 A concurrent resolution urging congressional adoption of a free trade agreement between Taiwan and the United States.
SR 15 A resolution to support the efforts of President George W. Bush and the United States Armed Forces to disarm Iraq.
SCR 15 A concurrent resolution supporting the widening, improvement, and enhancement of U.S. Highway 30 across central Iowa and requesting federal assistance.
SCR 17 A concurrent resolution supporting the widening, improvement, and enhancement of U.S. Highway 30 across central Iowa and requesting federal assistance.
SR 23 A resolution honoring the Iowa State University of Science and Technology Extension for 100 years of service to Iowa.
SR 27 A resolution honoring the University of Iowa Football team and Coach Kirk Ferentz.
SR 28 A resolution supporting the nomination of federal court of appeals judicial nominee Miguel A. Estrada.
SR 111 A resolution recognizing nursing students and faculty.
SR 115 A resolution to recognize and honor the members of the Iowa Army and Air National Guard.
SF 123 A bill for an act relating to anatomical gifts including bone marrow and organ donation by state employees and grants from the anatomical gift public awareness and transplantation fund. (See SF 222.)
SR 131 A resolution honoring George S. Mills for his service to the people of Iowa as a reporter, author, and noted Iowa historian.
SR 139 A resolution to recognize May 2004 as Hepatitis C Awareness and Education Month and to urge greater public awareness and education regarding hepatitis C.
SR 142 A resolution urging the federal government to establish a National Center for Rural and Agricultural Behavioral Health in Iowa.
SR 143 A resolution honoring Harlan Community Schools for their achievements in academics, music, vocational training, and sports.
SF 171 A bill for an act establishing a limitation on the recovery of punitive or exemplary damages in a civil case.
SF 179 A bill for an act creating a super ethanol-powered motor vehicle purchase tax credit for individual taxpayers, and providing a retroactive applicability date.
SF 233 A bill for an act relating to mandatory newborn and infant hearing screening. (See SF 407.)
SJR 2005 A joint resolution petitioning Congress to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States defining marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife.
SF 2034 A bill for an act providing an exemption to dues checkoff in the scope of negotiations for school district and area education agency teachers.
SF 2058 A bill for an act relating to payment of health care coverage costs for state employees for biologically based mental illness treatment services.
SF 2196 A bill for an act relating to the establishment of an Iowa spinal cord injury research program and including the levying of a surcharge on certain motor vehicle violations. (See SF 2232.)