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June 09, 2023GA 76

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SF 121 the taxation of pensions, annuities, and retirement allowances received for the purposes of state individual income tax and providing a retroactive applicability date.
SF 20 providing a property tax exemption for certain honorably discharged veterans of the United States armed forces for service in or near Lebanon, Grenada, or Panama between May 8, 1975, and August 1, 199...
SF 2057 the consideration of tank lining durability and quality in the calculation of actuarially sound premiums for underground storage tank insurance.
SF 2058 the supplementation of horse race purses with net receipts from gambling games.
SF 2059 the distribution of fines received from the enforcement of county ordinances by distributing a portion of the fines to a county public safety fund.
SF 2176 the deduction for payments of premiums on health insurance and long-term care coverage and providing an effective date and retroactive applicability date provision.
SF 2311 tax incentives and funding for housing development and providing applicability date provisions.
SF 2312 prohibiting contributions to political campaigns by political committees and lobbyists, and providing an effective date.
SF 2453 boilers and unfired steam pressure vessels by providing for the inspection of certain unfired steam pressure vessels, the procedure for adopting rules, and providing an effective date. Effective 4-23...
SF 2469 the establishment of a problem gambling treatment program, creating an advisory committee and applying a penalty.
SF 301 motorcycle education and providing an effective date and a retroactive applicability provision.
SF 323 the expansion of the volunteer physician program to apply to charitable organizations.
SF 460 the establishment of the state percent of growth for purposes of the state school foundation program and providing an effective and applicability date provision. Effective 1-1-96.
SF 482 establishing economic and other penalties for certain criminal activity. Various effective dates, see bill.
SF 487 public employee benefits and providing for the garnishment, attachment, or execution of certain benefits to police officers, fire fighters, and peace officers for the purposes of enforcement of child...

Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR)

Bill Bill Title
SCR 16 honoring Ms. Sugar Macaulay upon her retirement as the Capitol Tour Guide Supervisor.

Senate Resolution (SR)

Bill Bill Title
SR 106 of congratulations and support for the Iowa State Cyclones men's basketball team and the Iowa Hawkeyes women's and men's basketball teams.
SR 9 recognizing the 100th anniversary of the founding of the chiropractic profession.