April 15, 202490GA
Bill History for House File 697
By Konfrst, Forbes, Bagniewski, Cahill, Croken, Wilson, Cooling, Baeth, Levin, Turek, Staed, Scheetz, Kurth, Amos, Jr., Nielsen, Buck, Wessel-Kroeschell, Steckman, Matson, Wilburn, James, Gaines, Judge, Madison, Jacoby, Kressig, Ehlert, Meyer, B, Srinivas, Brown-Powers, Olson and Scholten
A bill for an act establishing an Iowa housing tax credit program and increasing first-time homebuyer tax incentives, and including effective date and applicability provisions.
April 10, 2023 Introduced, referred to State Government. H.J. 781.
December 31, 2023 * * * * * END OF 2023 ACTIONS * * * * *