December 3, 202388GA
Bill History for House File 394
Last Committee Assignment: Education
By Winckler, Abdul-Samad, Anderson, Bearinger, Breckenridge, Brown-Powers, Cohoon, Donahue, Ehlert, Forbes, Gaines, Gaskill, Hall, Heddens, Hunter, Jacoby, Judge, Kacena, Konfrst, Kressig, Kurth, Kurtz, Lensing, Mascher, Matson, Mcconkey, Meyer, B, Nielsen, Oldson, Olson, Ourth, Prichard, Smith, M., Smith, R., Staed, Steckman, Sunde, Thede, Wessel-Kroeschell, Williams and Wolfe
A bill for an act relating to school district finance by modifying provisions relating to the calculation of the regular program state cost per pupil, establishing a supplementary weighting plan for certain mandatory school district transportation costs, and including effective date provisions.
February 14, 2019 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 295.
February 18, 2019 Subcommittee: Dolecheck, Kerr and Smith, R.. H.J. 307.
February 26, 2019 Sponsor added, Derry. H.J. 360.