April 14, 202488GA
Bill History for House File 2606
By Prichard, Hunter, Mcconkey, Mascher, Oldson, Steckman, Thede, Meyer, B, Cohoon, Gaskill, Wolfe, Donahue, Winckler, Staed, James, Kurtz, Wilburn, Bearinger, Forbes, Bennett, Running-Marquardt, Breckenridge, Hall, Williams, Kacena, Abdul-Samad, Kressig, Brown-Powers, Olson, Sunde, Wessel-Kroeschell and Matson
A bill for an act providing for grants to eligible political subdivisions for rehabilitation and remediation of buildings that are public nuisances or are abandoned for community use, and making appropriations.
March 05, 2020 Introduced, referred to Appropriations. H.J. 490.