August 17, 202282GA
Bill History for House File 2369
By Soderberg, Paulsen, De Boef, Olson, S., Worthan, Upmeyer, Alons, Forristall, Miller, L., Drake, Huseman, Struyk, Heaton, Boal, Grassley, Tjepkes, Watts, Deyoe, Van Engelenhoven, Dolecheck, Granzow, Raecker, Rasmussen, Sands, Rants, Roberts, Baudler, Rayhons, Chambers, Anderson and Wiencek
A bill for an act pertaining to the delivery of explanations of health care benefits.
February 22, 2008 Introduced, referred to Commerce. H.J. 382.
February 26, 2008 Subcommittee, T. Olson, Oldson and Pettengill. H.J. 406.