December 4, 202281GA
Bill History for Senate File 2247
By Kibbie, Black, Stewart, Connolly, Bolkcom, Ragan, Beall, Dvorsky, Danielson, Hatch, Dotzler, Horn, Seng, Hancock, Rielly, Dearden, Schoenjahn, Wood, Fraise and Gronstal
A bill for an act creating veteran's bonuses for service during the Vietnam Conflict, Persian Gulf Conflict, Afghanistan Conflict, and the Iraqi Conflict for a certain period of active duty military service, providing tax exemptions and a penalty.
February 21, 2006 Introduced, referred to State Government. S.J. 301.
February 23, 2006 Subcommittee, Brunkhorst, Kibbie, Horn, and Zieman. S.J. 333.