December 3, 202281GA
Bill History for House File 2432
By Heddens, Bell, Bukta, Fallon, Gaskill, Young, Jochum, Kuhn, Lykam, Miller, H., Oldson, Berry, Cohoon, Davitt, Foege, Frevert, Hunter, Jacoby, Kressig, Lensing, Mertz, Murphy, Olson, D., Olson, R., Pettengill, Reasoner, Schueller, Shoultz, Swaim, Taylor, Wendt, Whitaker, Winckler, Petersen, Reichert, Shomshor, Smith, Taylor, D., Thomas, Wessel-Kroeschell, Whitead and Wise
A bill for an act concerning insurance coverage relating to eligibility to become a member of a state group insurance plan for school district employees and small business employees and the expansion of the healthy and well kids in Iowa program to parents of eligible children.
February 16, 2006 Introduced, referred to State Government. H.J. 320.
February 22, 2006 Rereferred to Commerce, Regulations & Labor. H.J. 371.