November 30, 202390GA
Bill History for House File 1
By Grassley, Holt, Wheeler, Stone, Dunwell, Gustoff, Moore, Jeneary, Carlson, Fisher, Collins, Vondran, Meggers, Bradley, Wulf, Shipley, Wills, Thompson, Johnson, Harris, Nordman, Sorensen, Gehlbach, Kaufmann, Fry, Andrews, Young, Henderson, Wood, Hora, Graber, Windschitl, Bossman and Gerhold
A bill for an act relating to local government funding by modifying school district funding provisions, property assessment provisions, and bond issuance requirements, and including effective date and applicability provisions.(See HF 718.)
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January 11, 2023 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means. H.J. 56.
February 01, 2023 Subcommittee: Kaufmann, Bloomingdale, Forbes, Harris and Jacoby. H.J. 228.
February 01, 2023 Subcommittee Meeting: 02/06/2023 12:30PM RM 102, Sup. Ct. Consult.
April 11, 2023 Subcommittee recommends passage. Vote Total: 3-2.
April 13, 2023 Committee report, recommending amendment and passage. H.J. 861.
April 17, 2023 Committee report approving bill, renumbered as HF 718.
April 19, 2023 Withdrawn. H.J. 886.