January 28, 202285GA
Bill History for House Resolution 120
Enhanced Bill History
By Ourth, Kearns, Staed, Heddens, Taylor, T., Mascher, Abdul-Samad, Smith, M., Gaskill, Cohoon, Winckler, Wessel-Kroeschell, Wolfe, Running-Marquardt, Lundby, Steckman, Berry, Hanson, Ruff, Thomas, Bearinger, Kelley, Dawson, Olson, T., Oldson, Forbes, Riding, Muhlbauer, Hunter, Lensing, Dunkel, Stutsman, Lykam, Gaines, Murphy, Wood, Fisher, Alons, Vander Linden, Hein, Drake, Bacon, Landon, Jorgensen, Hall, Cownie, Dolecheck, Heaton, Deyoe, Worthan, Watts, Baudler, Klein, Huseman, Windschitl, Heartsill, Moore, Schultz, Miller, H., Brandenburg, Costello, Hagenow, Soderberg, Hanusa, Koester, Jones and Taylor, R.
A resolution recognizing May 9 and 10, 2014, as Iowa School Band Days.
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March 17, 2014 Resolution filed, laid over under Rule 25. H.J. 502.
March 31, 2014 Resolution adopted. H.J. 610.