February 17, 202085GA
Bill History for House Resolution 102
Enhanced Bill History
By Muhlbauer, Smith, M., Thomas, Jacoby, Bearinger, Byrnes, Kressig, Dunkel, Abdul-Samad, Stutsman, Wolfe, Gaskill, Heddens, Prichard, Lundby, Ourth, Kearns, Thede, Miller, H., Hunter, Wessel-Kroeschell, Winckler, Staed, Lensing, Ruff, Cohoon, Steckman, Gaines, Forbes, Kelley, Lykam, Hall, Oldson, Isenhart, Riding, Dawson, Taylor, T., Hanson, Grassley, Hein, Drake, Schultz, Worthan, Costello, Bacon, Deyoe, Soderberg, Kaufmann, Lofgren, Cownie, Gustafson, Klein, Maxwell, Jones, Windschitl, Moore, Olson, S., Alons and Baudler
A resolution requesting the United States Congress to immediately enact a new federal food, farm, and jobs bill.
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January 22, 2014 Resolution filed, laid over under Rule 25. H.J. 98.
January 23, 2014 Sponsor added, Murphy. H.J. 103.
January 27, 2014 Resolution adopted. H.J. 109.