April 18, 202485GA
Bill History for House File 2185
By Smith, M., Gaskill, Abdul-Samad, Cohoon, Lensing, Winckler, Wessel-Kroeschell, Stutsman, Lundby, Steckman, Berry, Miller, H., Thede, Murphy, Staed, Bearinger, Ourth, Kearns, Anderson, Heddens, Taylor, T., Mascher, Jacoby, Hall, Gaines, Wood, Lykam, Meyer, Hunter, Kelley, Isenhart, Forbes, Dunkel, Kressig, Dawson, Riding, Muhlbauer, Olson, T., Hanson, Running-Marquardt and Wolfe
A bill for an act relating to the development of a proposal to establish family courts in the judicial branch.
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February 10, 2014 Introduced, referred to Judiciary. H.J. 193.