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Bill History for House File 471
Enhanced Bill History
By Upmeyer, Miller, L., Heaton, Forristall, Soderberg, Baudler, Schulte, Alons, Rayhons, Tymeson, Pettengill, Drake, Deyoe, Raecker, Grassley, Cownie, Hagenow, Wagner, Huseman, Arnold, Van Engelenhoven, Worthan, Sweeney, Tjepkes, Koester and Paulsen
A bill for an act relating to the development and implementation of uniform billing codes for third-party payors and health care providers.
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February 27, 2009 Introduced, referred to Commerce. H.J. 627.
March 03, 2009 Subcommittee, T. Olson, Jacoby, and Struyk. H.J. 654.
January 07, 2010 * * * * * END OF 2009 ACTIONS * * * * *