July 3, 202283GA
Bill History for House File 2255
Enhanced Bill History
By Baudler, Zirkelbach, Horbach, Drake, Reichert, Helland, Schulte, Olson, S., Tjepkes, Arnold, Watts, Roberts, Forristall, Van Engelenhoven, Chambers, Huseman, Worthan, Dolecheck, Grassley, Miller, L., Deyoe, Reasoner, Soderberg, Bell, Gayman, Mertz, Bailey, Marek, Quirk, Hanson, Huser, Swaim, Thomas, Ford, Shomshor, Palmer, Tymeson, Rayhons, De Boef, Paulsen, Kaufmann, Lykam, Upmeyer and Olson, R.
A bill for an act relating to permits to carry weapons and permits to acquire pistols and revolvers including the dissemination of information relating to persons suffering from mental and substance abuse health-related disorders and the possession of firearms and providing penalties.
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February 03, 2010 Introduced, referred to Public Safety. H.J. 242.
February 04, 2010 Subcommittee, R. Olson, Baudler, Burt, Lykam, and Worthan. H.J. 267.