May 31, 202380GA
Bill History for House File 439
By Bukta, Mascher, Stevens, Myers, Chambers, Tymeson, Wilderdyke, Foege, Wise, Taylor, D., Mertz, Miller, H., Gaskill, Whitaker, Davitt, Winckler, Wendt, Whitead, Quirk, Ford, Dandekar, Bell, Cohoon, Lykam, Greimann, Frevert, Connors, Murphy, Reasoner, Oldson, Petersen, Thomas, Jochum, Berry, Lensing, Osterhaus, Hunter, Kuhn and Struyk
A bill for an act directing the board of educational examiners to convene an educator licensing review working group.
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March 05, 2003 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 499.
March 06, 2003 Subcommittee, Tymeson, Chambers and Wise. H.J. 530.
December 31, 2003 * * * * * END OF 2003 ACTIONS * * * * *
January 14, 2004 Subcommittee reassigned, Tymeson, Chambers and Mascher. H.J. 57.