May 30, 202380GA
Bill History for House File 2242
By Taylor, D., Shoultz, Berry, Connors, Kuhn, Greimann, Petersen, Murphy, Bukta, Mascher, Olson, D., Fallon, Osterhaus, Wendt, Hunter, Davitt, Taylor, Lensing, Mertz, Miller, H., Gaskill, Frevert, Jochum, Young, Van Fossen, J., Tjepkes, Lukan, Schickel, Greiner, Alons, Dolecheck, Kramer, Boal, Jones, Hoffman and Olson, S.
A bill for an act relating to the imposition of a tax on the gross receipts derived from activities of adult enterprises.
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February 12, 2004 Introduced, referred to Ways & Means. H.J. 217.
March 11, 2004 Subcommittee, D. Taylor, Carroll and Kramer. H.J. 627.