Using EBooks

The Iowa Legislature produces an eBook version of the Iowa Code in both MOBI (Amazon Kindle) and EPUB formats.

Accessing Iowa Code Using an Apple Device

Our Recommendation is that you use the MOBI file and the Amazon Kindle application if you are using an iOS device, including iPads, iPods, and iPhones, due to major performance issues with the iBook application and the code in the EPUB format on those devices. However, the EPUB file may work in reader apps, like Stanza.

Accessing the Iowa Code Using an Android Device

There are many types of e-reader applications depending on your device. Choose and then install an e-reader application on your device. You may use either the MOBI file in the Amazon Kindle app, or the EPUB file in most e-reader applications.

To load the EPUB file into FBReader, you may download it from this site on either your computer or on your device.

  • From your computer:
    • Download the EPUB file to your computer.
    • Connect your device to the computer using a USB connection.
    • Enable USB transfer on the device's screen.
    • Drag and drop the EPUB file into the "Books" folder on the device. If you don't see this folder, just create it on your device.
  • On your device:
    • Use a file manager on the device to move the EPUB file to the "Books" folder. This will enable the book to display in the FBReader library.
    • OR
    • Push the "Options" button on your device.
    • Choose "Library" from the menu.
    • Choose "File Tree" and then browse to the location of the downloaded EPUB file.
Accessing the Iowa Code Using a Nook

Clicking the link to the EPUB file on a Barnes & Noble Nook should load it into your library.

Accessing the Iowa Code Using an Amazon Kindle

The quickest way to load the MOBI file onto your Kindle device is to download and install the Calibre eBook Manager. Use this to add books to the Kindle over a USB connection.

Accessing the Iowa Code on a Personal Computer/Laptop

An eBook Reader is required to view any downloaded eBook content on a personal computer or laptop. Our recommendation is to download and install the Calibre eBook Manager. Once the reader has been installed on your machine, the eBook content you downloaded can easily be dragged to the reader and opened.

Other Devices or Readers

If you have any issues or suggestions for us regarding the use of eBooks, please contact us at webmaster. If you would like us to follow up with you regarding your comments, please give us a method to contact you.