Temporary Redistricting Advisory Commission

Mr. Robert P. Malloy, Chairperson
503 Main Street, Box 128
Goldfield, Iowa 50542
Mr. Lance Ehmcke
P.O. Box 804
Sioux City, Iowa 51102-0804
Ms. Jo McCarty
536 Summit Street
Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Mr. Joseph O'Hern
6085 Greywood Circle
Johnston, Iowa 50131
Ms. Linda Primmer
223 Main Street
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503

Legislative Service Bureau:
Ed Cook
Diane Bolender
Gary Rudicil


March 16, 2001
February 27, 2001
February 19, 2001

Report of the Commission


Public Hearings: - April 17, 18 & 19
  1. Appointment Requirements (Iowa Code section 42.5)
    1. Total membership of Commission?
    2. Who appoints?
      The Senate and House Majority and Minority Floor Leaders selected for the General Assembly that convenes in 2001 each have one appointment for a total of four appointments to the Commission. The fifth member is selected by at least three of the four members appointed by the Majority and Minority Floor Leaders.
    3. Additional requirements?
      A person must be an eligible elector of the state to be eligible to be appointed as a member of the Commission. In addition, the fifth member of the Commission, who is selected by the four members appointed by leaders, shall be the Chairperson of the Commission.
  2. Duties of Commission (Iowa Code section 42.6)
    1. Advice and Guidance to Legislative Service Bureau.
      The Commission, upon written request by the Legislative Service Bureau, may provide direction to the Legislative Service Bureau as to how to resolve certain redistricting questions that are not clearly answered by the Iowa Code or by applicable constitutional mandates. In addition, the Commission has the authority to establish guidelines governing the release of information by the Legislative Service Bureau about a particular redistricting plan prior to its formal release to the Senate and House. However, the Commission does not have the authority to draw proposed redistricting plans or to direct the Legislative Service Bureau as to how a particular redistricting plan should be drawn.
    2. Public liaison.
      (1) Release of Proposed Plans to the Public.
      Once a proposed redistricting plan is released to the General Assembly, the Commission shall make available to the public copies of the bill embodying the plan, maps illustrating the plan, a summary of redistricting standards used to develop the plan as prescribed by the Iowa Code, and a statement about the population of each proposed district and its deviation from the ideal district population.
      (2) Public Hearings.
      After the first proposed redistricting plan is delivered to the General Assembly by the Legislative Service Bureau, the Commission is required to schedule and conduct at least three public hearings in different geographic regions of the state. A public hearing is not required after submission of the second or third plans.
      (3) Report to General Assembly.
      Upon conclusion of the public hearings, the Commission is required to issue to the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House a report summarizing the information and testimony received at the public hearings and including any comments and conclusions which the members of the Commission deem appropriate on the information and testimony received or otherwise presented to the Commission. The General Assembly shall not consider the proposed plans until at least seven days after the report is received by the members of the General Assembly. The requirement to issue a report only applies to the first proposed redistricting plan.

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