42.5  Temporary redistricting advisory commission.

1.  Not later than February 15 of each year ending in one, a five member temporary redistricting advisory commission shall be established as provided by this section. The commission's only functions shall be those prescribed by section 42.6.

a.  Each of the four selecting authorities shall certify to the chief election officer the authority's appointment of a person to serve on the commission. The certifications may be made at any time after the majority and minority floor leaders have been selected for the general assembly which takes office in the year ending in one, even though that general assembly's term of office has not actually begun.

b.  Within thirty days after the four selecting authorities have certified their respective appointments to the commission, but in no event later than February 15 of the year ending in one, the four commission members so appointed shall select, by a vote of at least three members, and certify to the chief election officer the fifth commission member, who shall serve as chairperson.

c.  A vacancy on the commission shall be filled by the initial selecting authority within fifteen days after the vacancy occurs.

d.  Members of the commission shall receive a per diem as specified in section 7E.6, travel expenses at the rate provided by section 70A.9, and reimbursement for other necessary expenses incurred in performing their duties under this section and section 42.6. The per diem and expenses shall be paid from funds appropriated by section 2.12.

2.  No person shall be appointed to the commission who:

a.  Is not an eligible elector of the state at the time of selection.

b.  Holds partisan public office or political party office.

c.  Is a relative of or is employed by a member of the general assembly or of the United States Congress, or is employed directly by the general assembly or by the United States Congress.

Section History: Early form

  [C81, § 42.5]

Section History: Recent form

  90 Acts, ch 1256, §23

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