Bill Bill Title Committee Meetings
HF 2333 A bill for an act relating to confidential communications between a peer support group counselor and specified individuals. (See HF 2529.) Judiciary (House)
HSB 519 A bill for an act prohibiting counties and cities from banning employers from requesting from an applicant information related to the applicant’s criminal history. (See HF 2309.) Judiciary (House)
HSB 539 A bill for an act creating the criminal offense of defrauding a drug or alcohol test in a private-sector workplace for employment purposes and providing penalties. (See HF 2473.) Judiciary (House)
HSB 567 A bill for an act relating to forensic scientific evidence and postconviction relief. (See HF 2509.) Judiciary (House)
HSB 597 A bill for an act relating to the approval procedures for claims for the military service property tax exemption and including applicability provisions. (See HF 2421.) Veterans Affairs (House)
HSB 599 A bill for an act relating to matters under the purview of the Iowa finance authority, including the purchase of single-family or multifamily residences by a first-time homebuyer, the creation of the first-time homebuyer grant fund, providing for fees, and making an appropriation. Economic Growth (House)
HSB 693 A bill for an act relating to the defense of justification for certain homicide offenses. (See HF 2503.) Judiciary (House)
Information Technology Information Technology Appropriations (House)
SF 2093 A bill for an act relating to class “A” felonies and life sentences. (Formerly SF 2007.) Judiciary (House)
SF 2095 A bill for an act allowing county attorneys and assistant county attorneys to obtain a professional permit to carry weapons. (Formerly SF 587, SSB 1007.) Judiciary (House)