Date & Time/Public Comments Bill Bill Title Committee
HF 2117 A bill for an act providing a deduction from the individual income tax for the amount of interest paid on a qualified education loan and including retroactive applicability provisions. Ways and Means (House)
HF 2185 A bill for an act relating to third-party commercial driver's license testers and skills test examiners. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2348) Transportation (House)
HF 2350 A bill for an act concerning gambling game licensure requirements and fees, and including applicability provisions. (Formerly HSB 585) (See Cmte. Bill HF 2429) Ways and Means (House)
  • 01/01/1776 12:01 AM
  • HSB 643 A study bill relating to disclosure and filing requirements for certain state credit unions. 3-15-16 Subcommittee assigned, Vander Linden, Baltimore, and Jacoby. H.J. 479. Ways and Means (House)
    HSB 658 A study bill relating to the administration of the tax and related laws by the department of revenue, including the renewable energy tax credit, appeal procedures for certain centrally assessed property, an extension of the utility replacement tax task force, a sales and use tax exemption for certain items used in performance of a construction contract with designated exempt entities, and including effective date and retroactive and other applicability provisions. 4-21-16 Subcommittee assigned, Windschitl, Jacoby, and Nunn. H.J. 723. 4-27-16 Passed subcommittee. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2468) Ways and Means (House)
    SF 2228 A bill for an act relating to the activities of motor vehicle dealers and wholesalers, including the electronic submission of applications for motor vehicle registration and issuance of certificates of title, the use of licenses and advertisements, the furnishing of surety bonds, and the assessment of documentary fees, and making penalties applicable. (Formerly SSB 3078.) Effective 7-1-16. Transportation (House)