Bills Sponsored By Committee

Health and Human Services (S)

Bill Bill Title
SF 269 A bill for an act concerning billing for anatomic pathology services and making licensing sanctions applicable. (Formerly SSB 1131.)
SF 272 A bill for an act relating to the council with which the director of human services consults regarding the medical assistance program. (Formerly SSB 1042.) Effective 7-1-05.
SF 303 A bill for an act relating to the providing of another business or activity in a health care facility. (Formerly SF 193.)
SF 304 A bill for an act relating to the provisions of the elder Iowans Act. (Formerly SSB 1140.) Effective 7-1-05.
SF 305 A bill for an act requiring the department of human services to develop and implement a voluntary child care quality rating system. (Formerly SF 192.)
SF 341 A bill for an act relating to the long-term living system in Iowa including establishment of the intent for Iowa's long-term living system. (Formerly SSB 1272.)
SF 343 A bill for an act relating to governmental services involving audit reports, child abuse reporting and registry requirements, and the family investment program. Effective 7-1-05.
SF 350 A bill for an act relating to child support recovery including access to information for the purposes of recovery, provisions relating to failure to withhold income or to pay the amounts withheld, and to the suspension of a child support obligation, the satisfaction of support payments, nullifying related administrative rules and providing penalties. Effective 7-1-05.
SF 352 A bill for an act relating to confidentiality and liability provisions involving the child advocacy board and the programs associated with the board and making a penalty applicable. (Formerly SSB 1080.) Effective 7-1-05.
SF 355 A bill for an act relating to the creation of a task force to provide for the implementation of Medicare Part D and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 1204.)
SF 356 A bill for an act providing for the Iowa department of public health to administer the hotel sanitation code, regulation of home food establishments, Iowa food code, regulation of egg handlers, and inspection of cosmetology and barbering licensees in place of the department of inspections and appeals. (Formerly SSB 1211.)
SF 2124 A bill for an act providing for the establishment of a nutrition and physical activity community obesity prevention grant program, and providing a contingent effective date. Effective upon receipt of funding.
SF 2239 A bill for an act relating to the personal needs allowance for residents of nursing facilities. (Formerly SF 2048.)
SF 2241 A bill for an act requiring invasive pneumococcal disease immunization for children enrolling in licensed child care centers. (Formerly SSB 3095.)
SF 2249 A bill for an act relating to the rights and responsibilities of a person providing family foster care. (Formerly SF 38.) Effective 7-1-06.
SF 2250 A bill for an act providing for the release of certain morbidity and mortality study information to the Iowa healthcare collaborative. (Formerly SSB 3051.)
SF 2287 A bill for an act authorizing an approved nursing education program to initiate criminal and child and dependent adult abuse record checks of students and prospective students regarding the students' involvement with the clinical education component of the program. (Formerly SSB 3083.)
SF 2295 A bill for an act providing for various technical and substantive changes relating to health licensing and related public health matters. (Formerly SSB 3084.)
SF 2318 A bill for an act relating to an exception from emergency medical care requirements for persons providing care within the scope of their certification. (Formerly SF 2112.) Effective 7-1-06.
SF 2322 A bill for an act relating to the investigation and control of communicable and infectious diseases and notification procedures concerning diseases, health conditions, unusual clusters, or suspicious events which may be the cause of a public health disaster. (Formerly SSB 3220.) Effective 7-1-06.
SF 2336 A bill for an act relating to department of human services' technical requirements involving individual development accounts, family investment program limited benefit plans, paternity establishment definitions, and the state child care assistance program, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions. (Formerly SSB 3035.)
SF 2343 A bill for an act revising the membership requirements for the child advocacy board. (Formerly SSB 3013.) Effective 7-1-06.
SF 2375 A bill for an act relating to services and requirements for current and former participants in the child welfare system. (Formerly SSB 3039.)
SF 2384 A bill for an act providing that a child who is ten years of age or older, truant, and who refuses to engage in mediation or who violates a truancy mediation agreement commits a delinquent act. (Formerly SF 295.)
SF 2386 A bill for an act to eliminate certain restrictions on the authority of a physician assistant to prescribe certain schedule II controlled substances. (Formerly SSB 1148.)